Directions for Use

1.  Included with your NeverBite System are the NeverBite Finger Guards. Five sizes are included in each kit (three in the children's size). We include five sizes so that everyone can find the right size. Correct sizing is important. Choose the size that is snug enough to ensure that you are aware of it, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation! Each kit (including the children's) contains 15 Finger Guards. It is NOT necessary or even recommended to wear one on each finger. I have found that one on each hand was enough for me to be made aware of my fingers. That was all I needed. The objective of the Finger Guards is to turn the subconscious into the conscious.

    • Go ahead and bite on the Finger Guards 
    • Play with the Finger Guards
    • The idea is to eliminate your old habit of biting your nails and make you aware of your hands, so playing with the Finger Guards actually helps to eliminate your subconscious habit!

2.  Use the NeverBite Gel as much as you want. If you start to focus on taking care of your nails, you are less likely to consciously damage them. Apply NeverBite Gel to the cuticles AND underneath the nails and then rub the gel into your cuticles and underneath your nails. Wipe away any excess with a tissue. Even if you wash your hands immediately after applying the NeverBite Gel, you will notice that your nails still look better than before the application. Remember, NeverBite Gel is a 100% natural, organic, and vegan product that is food grade. If you do put your fingers in your mouth, you are safe. Make sure to seal the cap tightly after each use. 

3.  File your nails.  Do NOT dig under them or file them from the top of the nail. This will weaken the nail and they are weak enough already from years of biting. If they are shorter than your fingers, just file them flush with the surface of your fingers. In the beginning, even if your nails get long, it is sometimes better to file them short so that they can grow stronger and they are less tempting!

4.  Clip away any dead of loose skin. Do NOT pick at it. Use the Finger Guards and the NeverBite Nail Clipper to remove the temptation. In just a few short weeks you will actually have nails to clip, so keep the clippers on your keychain.

5.  Do not stress! You have been biting your nails for years. It is okay if you fail to stop biting them immediately or even after a few weeks. Keep at it. Learn from each attempt and try to do better next time! Remember, you only need to succeed once!