NeverBite was developed by a nail biter for nail biters. Like so many of you I had family members telling me to "get my hands out of my mouth!" for as long as I can remember. I kept telling my parents that I would stop biting my nails when they stopped smoking cigarettes. Guess what? They beat me!  

The problem was that while I would sometimes consciously bite my nails, most of the time I didn't even realize I was doing it!  

With my son turning 11 and his own nail biting habit getting worse, I knew I had to stop the insanity. Simply telling him to stop would work about as well as did my parents telling me to stop. I owed it to him and to me to finally break the habit, so I set about finding a solution.  

I felt that the solution had to address two major issues:
  1. Subconscious:  To address my subconscious biting the solution had to make me aware of my hands at all times. I had no chance of stopping if I wasn't even aware when I was doing it.
  2. Conscious:  To address my conscious biting the solution had to make my nails look better immediately and less tempting to bite.  
I figured if I could find a solution to address these problems, I would have a better chance to stop. 

I searched the drug store and on-line for a product to solve the problem. I found what many of you have probably found:  
  • nail polish like substances that you put on your nails to taste bad when you put your fingers in your mouth
  • advice to have a cheat nail - focus on only one nail to bite while you let the others heal
  • recommendation to set goals and get manicures regularly
  • suggestions to replace your bad habit with a non-harmful habit - like instead of biting your nails, squeeze a stress ball
First of all, none of the polishes tasted bad enough to get me out of my subconscious zone - I would just get used to the taste of the polish. Second, I didn't know what was in that stuff, so I wasn't thrilled about the idea of eating nail polish. Third, I thought the idea of a cheat nail was silly. I wasn't trying to focus my habit, I was trying to eliminate it! Also, that didn't deal with my subconscious biting.  Neither did the other recommendations.

November 6, 2016

There had to be a better way, so I set out to develop it myself. It took months of trial and error, but I finally developed what would become the NeverBite System in November 2016. I started using the System on November 6, 2016. My goal was to stop biting by Thanksgiving, roughly 3 weeks later - when I would see my parents. Not only did I meet my goal, but I knew that something was different this time. NeverBite had broken the habit. I knew I wasn't going back and that was an incredible feeling. To finally be free of embarrassing fingers and bleeding cuticles and have total control was incredibly empowering.  

Would it Work on My Son?
Even though I knew NeverBite had worked on me, I was still a little skeptical that it would work on others. So I gave it to my own 10 year old son and challenged him to stop biting his nails. Three weeks later when he was "cured" I knew I had something. And that is what I want to share with you.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you really want to stop biting your nails? Then join me and become our latest success story!